Pastry rims

Whether you bake regularly or only occasionally try your hand at cooking, it's worth investing in adjustable pastry rings. These practical products are a great alternative to traditional cake molds and baking sheets. In our store, you can find accessories in various dimensions and shapes, not only circular, but also rectangular, square, triangular, star-shaped, leaf-shaped, or heart-shaped. You can also find perforated molds, ready-made sets of several or even a dozen rings, and special pastry rings for cupcakes and tartlets.

To properly protect the edges of your cakes and baked goods during transport, it's recommended to use a product such as a pastry edge protector film. It prevents the cake from drying out and doesn't allow moisture or grease to pass through. The film can have different thicknesses and is wound on a roll, from which you can cut pieces to the required size. It should not be used during baking.